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Adhesives & Other Products

Chematco formulates and manufactures a wide range of adhesives in order to meet different industrial needs.

   Decorative Coating Series :​​​

​  Bonding Adhesive :​​

  Casting Epoxy :​​

  Flow Coating :​​

​  Potting Epoxy :

​  Dip Coating :


PACER Technology

Super Glue From PACER Technology

  • Different models for different purposes: no frost, high temperature, impact resistant, no peeling, etc.

  • Professional glue - applicable on plastics, rubber, oily surface, etc.


Sealant from PACER Technology

  • High performance silicone sealants and adhesives for industrial applications

Epoxy Putty

  • Excellent for rebuilding or fabricating parts or as an all purpose adhesive for metals, woods, glass, masonry, ceramics and many plastics.

  • Can be drilled, taped, tiled, sanded and painted

  • Acid, alkalic & chemical resistant

  • Easy to reshape before curing

  • Steel-hard in 20 minutes

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